Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mean Girls is a Reality

I love movies. To me one of the best things about being sick is that you can lie around all day and watch them. My favorites are anything either scary, funny, or relatable. I can't deal with anything romantic, because honestly, it makes me want to gag. Scary movies are good for me at night but on those days when I am home sick I just want something to make me laugh.

The movie that always does it for me is Mean Girls. It is one of my favorite movies of all time. Mean Girls scarily paints the perfect picture of High School/Middle School and anyone who says that it doesn't, is a liar. While it is a little over the top in doing so, it shows just how mean some girls are to each other. High School is sometimes scary like that. You walk by a group of girls and they are all just whispering and you can't help but wonder who are they talking about now, or even worse, are they talking about you.

One of the reasons that I am so excited for College is that I am going to be able to get away from all those girls in my school that I honestly just don't like. I don't need them to make me feel like I am being talked about behind my back. I would rather be in my group of 6 than their group of 20 if it means that I am not going to be talked about behind my back.

Last Friday night I went out with my friend from school and one of her friends and then one of her friends because they are all going to Binghamton. We all had alot fun together but at one point it was me and my friend in the bathroom. We were talking about the other two girls, we weren't saying anything bad but we were just talking about them. While we were talking I was thinking to myself, "What are they saying about me, What do they think of me?" It was actually kind of nervewracking because I couldn't tell if they liked me or not. They were really nice but I just could not get that thought out of my head.

As funny as Mean Girls is, it is a reality. High School is full of clicks and girls are mean to each other. It is so true that it is scary. I just want to go to college and get away from all that stuff in school.

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Cazzie!!! said...

I know froim experience that no matter where we go in life, be it school or work place, there will always be one or two people like this. The thing is, wehn I went to University, it was as awesome as you believe college will be for you. You are officially an adult, you meet other exciting people from different areas of the country, sometimesthe world, and you kind of find yourself in amongst a whole new community, a community who do not know you and so you can be you and not worry.
Key is, to stand back and watch people. Make friends by saying hello and take it from there. It will be a wonderful time for you :)