Thursday, May 24, 2007

Whats the Deal With Prom?

I never knew that one night could cause such a controversy. It is a very dramatical situation. Prom is next month and that is literally all that everyone talks about. The tables have turned. First it was all about college, then it was all about graduation, and now it is all about Prom. I never knew that it was possible to be able to be so obsessed with Prom, because that what it is, an obsession. Every time I talk to someone in school the conversation always winds up at Prom. Everyone wants to know everything, your dress, your hair, what limo you are taking, what you are doing after, who is in your limo, who is your date, where is your pre-prom, and like a million more things after that.
My favorite thing is when everyone talks about their dresses. You would think that it was like their baby by the way everyone talks about it. I can understand how everyone likes their dress, I mean they should if that's what they are going to be wearing when they get a million pictures of taken of them, but anyways, their is no need to treat the dress like a child. Guess what guys, your dress does not have feelings and its not alive, despite what you may think. Another thing, its not the end of the world if you get it dirty because there is thing called a dry cleaner that you can bring it too.
If someone is not talking about their dress, the next best thing to listen to them talk about is what they are doing after. My entire grade sucks and no one knows how to plan ANYTHING. So basically no one knows what they are doing, which makes the conversation very interesting to listen to because basically all you do is hear people talking about their tentative plans, which may not sound interesting but for some reason it is to me because I am one of those people. At first my friends and I were going to get a hotel and then we were like no lets get a house. Then I called a bagillion places and got shot down by all of them because it was for after prom and I, the saint, cannot tell a lie. So then we were back to hotels but then we got invited to go in on another group for another house. We had the plans all set and then the owner of the house screwed all 60 of us over so now we are back to square one. I think now we are going back to someones house and twiddling our thumbs all night.
Okay, my prom rant is not over yet because I got another kicker for you guys. My best friend got mad at me because I "stole" her prom hair. No joke. She was like describing what she wanted to do and I was like, "sounds nice", when I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. Then I went and got a free test hairstyle thing at the mall and I showed it to her and she told me I stole her hairstyle and did what she wanted to do. I don' get it though. Her hair is short and dark and mine is long and light. Please tell me how I stole her hair because it does not make any sense to me what so ever. Oh also, going back to dresses, she yelled at me for trying on a blue and brown dress when her dress was blue and drown, even though the dresses were completely different. I didn't know prom was worth fighting.
Another lovely fight was over the limo. One person wanted a hummer and then someone else wanted an escalade and then someone else thought we should get a party bus and stay in that the whole night. I feel really out of the loop because I had no idea that all of these things were even possible.
I can't believe this is the focus of my life right now. There are people starving in places and here I am worrying about my Prom night. Really does this stuff even matter, like in twenty years at my reunion is everyone going to be talking about their prom limo? I highly doubt it. Basically I just want to have a fun night and for all this stupid crap to stop. I am going to be so mad if it is not worth all this stress and time and work.


Balachandran Nair said...

OK good write about. Feel nice readinf all your pages. Good luck.

Eugene said...

Very nice blog you have here. And thanks for stopping by. That was an actual dream. I'm not sure of its meaning, but I wanted to capture it before I forget :)